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Dear Customers,

Restaurant Supplies does not provide its own warranties on items and it comes directly from its wholesale supplier or its manufacturer. So that we can provide the suppliers with the information that they need, prior to you contacting the supplier make sure that you have the following information available.

Restaurant Supplies are distributors of selected brands only. Our warranty limitations extend to the manufactures warranty that applies to those goods.
i. Warranty is supplied during normal working hours – Monday to Friday (Except x’mas & public holidays). Should warranty work be requested outside our normal working hours, an after hours service fee will apply.

ii. A proof of purchase must be supplied prior to any warranty work.

iii. Restaurant Supplies accepts no responsibility for loss or damage due to machinery fault or breakdown.

Pior to contacting any service agent, please check the following trouble shooting procedures:

If unit is un-safe or dangerous in any way, you must turn off or disconnect and discontinue using the unit IMMEDIATELY.

Trouble shooting:

1. Check to see the power is on (Make sure the plug is not out of the wall).

2. If refrigeration unit, check to see if the condensor is blocked with dust, etc. If blocked, turn off unit and vacuum or clean condensor.

3. If unit uses water, example ice maker, make sure water is switched on.

4. For gas appliances check gas is on.

5. If units have safety micro-switches, make sure unit has been assembled correctly after cleaning.

6. If un-sure, disconnect the unit and call a technician.

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